A is for

Churning a wyrm within me
burrowing, feeding on fears
and leaching its life
from regrets, bad decisions
in memories yet the very
things we saw coming
but from which we were
too stupid to run

it sits in our minds
smug towards our sulking
mocking those ambitions
towards which we’ve
stopped walking, body
lethargic with its
parasitical grunge
mucking through our

it’s a damned deadly,
cunning thing, and if you
don’t sweat it out
it’ll never go away


It will eat you if you let it, folks.

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Product Pricing Properties

David Cummings on Startups

Continuing with yesterday’s post titled Pardot’s Pricing Progression Through the Years, I think it’s important to add a few more comments on the topic of pricing. Too often, entrepreneurs labor to set the perfect price before they’ve even launched the product. The best thing to do is to get out and talk to prospects to get a better understanding of the value provided. While they won’t necessarily be explicit, they will provide feedback and information to make a better decision.

Here are a few thoughts on properties of product pricing:

  • Product pricing has nothing to do with a cost plus formula (e.g. it cost me $10 to make it, and I want to make $3 on each sale, so I’ll charge $13 for it) and everything to do with value provided
  • Product pricing should scale with value provided to the customer (e.g. as the number of seats/transactions/usage grows, so too…

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